House Washing in Honolulu, HI

Siding before and after

What Is No Pressure House Washing?

Envirowash Hawaii defines a no pressure house wash as, cleaning of the external facade of your home with less than 200PSI. This includes overhangs and the undersides of porches and patios. Whether its vinyl siding, stucco, wood, concrete, limestone, brick etc.

Paint Vs Cleaning

  • Instant Curb Appeal And Pride
  • Paint Does Not Always Address Underlying Mold And Algae Issues
  • New Paint Jobs Will Cost Thousands Of Dollars More
  • New Paint Jobs Will Often Require The House To Be Washed And Prepped Regardless
  • Quicker And Easier To Sell A Clean House
  • Most Homeowners Do Not Realize Just How Dirty Their House Is

Why Choose Envirowash Hawaii?

Soft wash system
  • Envirowash Hawaii Uses Only Top Of The Line Bio Degradable Enviromentally Safe Products.
  • We Do Not Use High Pressure Units For Cleaning Houses
  • We Follow Only The Current Industry Standards For Soft Washing Both Houses And Roofs
  • Licensed And Insured
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

No Pressure Washing!!!

Why not pressure wash

  • High Pressure Forced Into Ridge Lines Can Get Underneath Siding, Causing Untold Problems Such As Mold, Mildew And Wood Rot
  • High Pressure Wands Do Not Clean Evenly And Can Leave A Stripping Effect On Your Siding
  • High Pressure Cleaning Is Prone To Removing Paint
  • High Pressure Washing Relies On Force To Clean Rather Than The Proper Cleaning Agents ( Simple; You Can Scrub A Pot Till Your Fingers Bleed And Possibly Damage The Pot Or You Can Use The Proper Cleaning Solution)
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