Roof Cleaning

Blacked Out Foster Village Roof

This Foster Village roof had been almost completely blacked out from the mold infestation. The mold on this home not only looked bad, but it had defeated the purpose of installing a silicone coating. This home was no longer reflecting the suns heat and cooling the house. This also has a potential to cost homeowners money in cooling cost. If your White cooling roof has seen brighter days call on Envirowash Hawaii LLC to restore its beauty and save you money.

Niu Valley Roof Rescue!

Using Our Soft Wash process Envirowash Hawaii LLC was able to stop the reign of terror being imposed by the mold on this roof. Potentialy buying the homeowner a few more years before having to replace.

Mold Infestation on Kaneohe Roof

Envirowash Hawaii LLC was called out to rescue yet another Kaneohe Roof from this massive infestation of mold. Using our non damaging low pressure soft wash process we also treated all the walkways, driveway and patio before pressure washing to ensure the ground was as free of mold as the roof was. If your homes roof or exterior is under attack from mold or just dirty in general, you can rest assured that Envirowash Hawaii has the solution. Call us today at 808 313-9000 for a free onsite estimate!

Angie's List puts out a great article on Roof Cleaning!

Your homes curb appeal is being directly affected by the "black streaks" all over your roof. Experts are saying that although these black streaks cannot be stopped permanently a proper roof cleaning can eliminate the mold causing them, for as much as five years. According to highly rated roof cleaners on Angie's List, a roof cleaning could save you thousands of dollars versus the cost of a new roof replacement. They are also very clear about the negative affects of pressure washing your roof. These professionals also suggests asking what kind of chemicals will be used, how long will it last and for proof of Insurance.

What's causing those black streaks on your roof | Angie Hicks

Beautiful Mililani Mauka Restoration!

Envirowash Hawaii was able to restore this Mililani Mauka homes beauty in just one day. The mold on this roof had darkened the whole roof and was beginning to develop moss and lichens. Through our non-pressure Soft Wash method we were able to achieve a 100% kill ratio on the molds and restore the roof to its initial beauty. The house was totally oxidized and the homeowner decided to have us change the work order from a House Wash to paint prep cleaning. After pressure washing the whole house, which is only recommended for paint preparation, The house was turned from a faded yellow to the original light blue and the home owner was extremely happy and has opted not to proceed with an expensive new paint job. Envirowash Hawaii also provided them with Solar Panel Cleaning and we pressure washed all their walkways, patio, porch and driveway.