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Solar Panel Maintenance Tips

How Stuff Works has a great article on how to get the most years and production from your Solar Panels. This is a great read if you have or are interested in installing Solar Panels.

Their top five list includes, keeping the panels clean, how to clean them, keeping them out of the shade, monitoring them and keeping records of productivity. It is very important to remember that working on the roof can be extremely dangerous and that if you live in an area with hard water you are likely to leave water spots which will decrease the panels output. As a leading professional Solar Panel cleaning company in Hawaii, Envirowash Hawaii recommends that you or the company you choose to go with only use RO (reverse osmosis) or DI (de-ionized) water. This will help to ensure that the water is free from the impurities that cause water spotting.

5 Tips to Make Your Solar Panels Last |

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Envirowash Hawaii Tackles a red dirt stained house in Makakilo

The Homeowners of this Makakilo Home called on Envirowash Hawaii to help them get their home clean and presentable so they could get the most from their rental property. Envirowash Hawaii brought this red dirt saturated home back to life with a non-pressure SoftWash. The red dirt in Hawaii is probably the hardest contaminant to eliminate from a homes many surfaces. Our 100% bio-degradable mix was able to break down these hard to remove stains and allow us to rinse without the use of high pressure washing. We also eliminated all the mold from under the eaves and on all the window frames as well as completed a SoftWash Roof cleaning. Envirowash Hawaii was able to restore the homes initial beauty and provide the owners with the most return on their investment.